READ FIRST: No more overwhelm, ceilings to growth or overpriced software

We will build you a cost-effective Automated Business, ready for growth & scaling

ClickMovements 'DONE FOR YOU' (DFY) helps coaches, consultants, course-creators and change-makers grow their client base and create their own scalable business system using ClickMovements All-in-One software.

What Others Say

"More Digital Super-powers, more Focus, more Time, more Profits"

I highly recommend working with ClickMovements and the team behind it – easy to work with, highly relational with an eye on the goals of increasing the size and quality of my community and ultimately bringing in more sales with the right clients.

Rob Husband

Co-Founder of Space2Think – a Training Agency working with clients like Comic Relief, CBI, YMCA & British Retail Consortium

We will curate, set up and build your entire business - marketing qualified leads, website, CRM, funnel, landing pages, sales pipeline, campaigns, automations, financial processes, online learning academy, database, domains, email, SMS, social media and blogs - all built with the included ClickMovements All-in-One software.

Includes award-winning continual accompaniment - consultancy, coaching, development, tech support & training and the services of a full-time team of 100+ software engineers.

  • We'll remove the ceiling to the growth of your business with Unlimited Everything (websites, domains, contacts, users, funnels, channels, pipelines, courses and so much more) and at a price you can afford.

  • You'll feel like a digital superhero with new abilities you could never have imagined, even 5 years ago

  • An automated business system that releases time & energy from doing menial tasks and sets you up for scaling and growth

  • Experience the relief of knowing that established professionals are building your business infrastructure - a DONE FOR YOU DFY offer

  • Get the continual accompaniment you need 'on tap' - tech support, coaching, training and consulting

Our Software Replaces All This...

Expensive All-in-One tools like Hubspot Professional, ClickFunnels & Kajabi and other software like Calendly, Hootsuite, Mailchimp, Wix, Typeform, Teachable, SquareSpace, and many more. Saving you $10,000s per year. You will be amazed by our ClickMovements DFY price.

Zero 'software choice overwhelm'

Picking a CRM, a marketing automation suite, an appointment booking system, a workflow management structure, an email builder, an SMS provider, a social media manager, a website builder and secure host can be overwhelming - so much choice. We use our multi-tool software called ClickMovements to do all this - no more FOMO

No insurmountable learning curve

The steep learning curve involved in starting a new business, plus learning new software, can be insurmountable and eventually cause business failure. We've already done the digital infrastructure building and deep learning for you - we can then drip feed all the skills you need in a more measured and bespoke way

Turn ideas to an actual business

Having an idea is meaningless unless it is turned into a reality that can be optimised and refined into a successful and profitable coaching or consultancy business.

Most ideas get stuck as ideas only - but we’ll turn yours into an actual automated and functional business

What Others Say

This platform enables business owners to engage with their audience in creative and exciting ways. When we first launched our studio, I had no idea of how to sell online. They walked side by side with us. The level of service and support that we receive to this day is unparalleled.

Rachel Robertson, Align Studios. Entrepreneur and Business Owner.

Premium ‘Done For You’ Service

You visualize it, we build it...

Initially we spend a session setting up your new software with you - generating new leads, integrations with email, SMS, domains, calendars, etc.. We'll then spend quality time listening to your business and brand ideas, constructing strategy and curating together a roadmap for the way forward. We'll then go away and, with your ongoing feedback, build your entire new business architecture in two phases. Finally, we'll spend time together refining your new business and coaching you in using the new processes and software going forward.

Additionally, we're happy to then help you with your content marketing, ad management, social media outreach and sales process on an ongoing basis.

What Tom Says.

‘the Ultimate No BRAINER for Coaches & Consultants’.

Ready for a Business Boost with Automations, OmniComms and Unlimited Digital Infrastructure?

Plus have 20 Free Leads on Us

Truly 'Done for You'. Yes, we will do all this for you...

Strategy & Consulting

Our business consultancy sessions will help you develop a strong business philosophy to underpin your strategy - a business philosophy based on developing clear business systems, systems that are data-driven and as automated as possible (and therefore scaleable) and an approach to marketing that is digital, customer-centric, story-based and multi-channeled.

Training & Coaching

We all need encouragement and our regular coaching sessions are designed to inspire, motivate and focus us all on the journey ahead.

As we, at ClickMovements, take the lead on building your business, there isn't a lot of new skills to learn but we do come alongside you to walk you through using the new software as a part of your daily business life.

Automations & Workflows

We want you to have as much free time as possible in your new business system so we will automate as many of your business processes as possible - reminders, emails, autoresponders, sales enablement, SMS, drip campaigns and social media posting so you can focus on your new customers and their needs rather than business administration and communications.

Delivery & Service

We can also automate the delivery of your services using the Online Learning Platform we build for you where you can create courses or lessons for free or paying clients. The systems we build for you will also contain follow-up campaigns where you can send established customers a survey, referral request, affiliate campaign or a review request.

Marketing - More Leads

Digital marketing is the new magic of the C21 and we'll set you up with a funnel to attract new leads and nurture them towards you and your services/products. Foundationally, we'll build you a website that is focused on capturing new leads - more a marketing funnel than a normal website. The website can have a blog attached that seeks to pull leads in from social media posts, paid ads or search engines. We will build you web forms, webchats and all the email/sms nurture campaigns you need to nurture your new leads towards a successful sale.

Closing - More Sales

You'll have your very own 'calendly-like' tools where contacts can book straight into your calendar so calls just appear in your weekly schedule. A visual pipeline with drag n drop functionality (sometimes called a Kanban Board) will help you automate and track the progress your leads are making as they move towards a sale. We'll give you payment pages and invoice creation tools to manage and automate the finances of your new business.

Powerful Business CRM

The backbone of any growing business is a healthy CRM - customer relationship management system - where you can filter your contacts, old and new, into segments that represent different targets for your business. Create contact lists to send newsletters, drip campaigns, onboarding or referal sms/emails.

You can re-ignite any database you currently have as we will import all your contacts into your new CRM and, if you like, add them to your first email/sms campaign.

Communications Hub

The software enables you to communicate on every channel including SMS and WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DMs and email.

You'll be able to track all the conversations, web visits and connections actioned by any given lead or customer in any communication channel all in one place.

As well as browser access to your new software, we've even give you your own iOS or Google App so you can manage your business from anywhere in the world

Scaling & Growth

When you are ready to scale your business and maximise profits, most business software offers have hidden costs that kick in with extra staff users or leads, clients and contacts. Our included software (ClickMovements for one year) contains unlimited users, unlimited contacts, unlimited domains, unlimited pipelines, unlimited websites, unlimited courses and unlimited funnels. When the time is right, you can grow exponentially with the confidence that you have the tools for the job that are cost-effective and easily scaled.

“We will take your business ideas and turn them into realities - we take the load and build your digital infrastructure and then go on to coach and empower you and any staff in using your new powerful software tools and established success strategies”


Steve Jones

CEO - ClickMovements

What Others Say

Amazing Service!! Cannot recommend enough

Laura* UK

Steve and his team were amazing... able to provide rich information and best solutions. I do recommend him for any CRM task

Sam* USA

Steve is resourceful, professional and an amazing communicator. He does everything he can to satisfy the customer. THX!

Ingrid* Canada

Super helpful and very easy to talk to. He really tries to help you and understand what your business needs, and will find solutions

Boni* Hong Kong

Next step is to start the conversation with a free session

During the call you can expect a listening ear as you articulate the vision for your new business and then we'll together create a bespoke roadmap for next steps. You will receive 20 Free Leads and other benefits from the call whatever the outcome.

ClickMovements DFY includes all this...

  • Unlimited Websites, funnels, users, domains & contacts (worth $500)

  • Pre-built Automations & Workflows - pipeline, landing pages, website, campaigns, booking calendar and your own online academy (worth $1000)

  • Twice Weekly Coaching Mastermind and Q&As (worth $2,000)

  • One Year's ClickMovements Software Subscription (worth at least $10,000 - Hubspot Professional Equivalent)

  • Live Chat in business hours (worth $300)

  • Ticketed Tech Support 24-7 (worth $300)

  • Full Onboarding Session (worth $250)

  • Strategy Sessions with Growth Consultant including input from copywriters and graphic designers (worth $600)

  • $15 calls/texts and emails per month included (worth $180)

  • iOS and Google Mobile Apps for you and WebApp for your online learners (worth $300)

Even being generous to our competitors’ prices, the whole package is normally worth at least $15,430

The ClickMovements Software

'ClickMovements DFY' includes a full year's subscription to the complete suite of our software:

  • All Channel Conversations Hub

  • Trust and Review Collecting Workflows

  • Social Media Publishing Hub

  • Unlimited Users, Websites, Funnels, Domains

  • Your very own Affiliate Management System

  • Automated Campaigns using social media messaging, email, SMS and phone

  • Replaces software/coaching costs of £30K+ per annum/per business with something cost-efficient and replicable.

  • plus so much more...

The ClickMovements Architecture

DFY includes the following digital architecture, built for you:

  • One website and blog

  • One online learning academy and course

  • One funnel with landing page, payment page, thank you page, products, calendar integration

  • One pipeline with opportunity stages and automations

  • More automations and workflows - no show, abandoned cart, appointment notifications and more.

  • CRM set up - database import, fields, field groups & calendar

  • Comms set up - social media, email, SMS, phone & WhatsApp

  • Can also include Lead Generation software to find you thousands of marketing qualified leads on a monthly basis.

The ClickMovements Business Philosophy

These proven ideas underpin ClickMovements and if you like we can help you develop these as part of ClickMovements DFY.

  • Inbound Marketing - Developing a Story-based Brand and an Accompanied Customer Journey

  • Scale with Systems - Create Lead-Gen, Lead-Nurture, Sales and Delivery Systems that can be automated and scaled.

  • Driven by Data - Make quality decisions based on evidence not conjecture.

  • Outsourcing - Scale by developing Marketing/Sales Teams & Resources for less.

  • Purpose drives Profits - Developing an acute sense of purpose that drives you and your business forward into a lucrative future.

  • Online Learning - Leverage your unique knowledge and influence by using Online Learning tools like courses, video, certification, community or online coaching.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about Year 2 when the included software subscription runs out ?

We get it, software companies draw you in with amazing initial offers and then blast you with Year 2 costs. We're different… in Year 2 and thereafter ClickMovements software is only $130 per month or $1380 per annum and is considerably more cost-effective than competitors like Hubspot, Clickfunnels, Kajabi or Podium.

Seems too good to be true - is this offer for real ?

We've been helping businesses with their digital business development and marketing & sales for over 15 years. Steve Jones, our CEO, has over 30 years experience of consulting with businesses, non-profits and other 'movements for good'. He has lectured and trained over 46,000 leaders live (some at postgraduate and undergraduate level) and coached hundreds of entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants from across the globe. Our ClickMovements software is built on the Gohighlevel platform with over 200 staff, hundreds of $millions investment and a software development roadmap second to none. Yes, this offer is for real and has decades of hard-fought experience, some of the world’s most intelligent software engineers and over 50,000 active businesses to prove it.

How are you special ? What’s your Unique Selling Point ?

‘ClickMovements DFY’ is THE most cost-effective way to get your automated coaching, consultancy and course creation business up and running with the best business growth software on the planet AND the most personal customer support. Plus… unlike our software competitors, we can also turn on ClickMovements Leads AI so that live leads are added to the funnel on an hourly basis.

You’ll get me on the sales call, build rapport and then blast me with a massive High Ticket price, probably a price I can’t afford

We’ve all been there… you’d love to buy that new service; the mastermind with your favourite business guru, the training course to beat them all or maybe the latest shiny business growth system. Fear of Missing Out FOMO might drive you to press that website button and book the meeting. On the call at the arranged time, the ‘business coach’ builds friendly rapport and then shares the price of the ‘high ticket’ service… you gulp, you gulp again - it’s never a fun time.

Alternatively, we’ve worked hard to make ‘ClickMovements DFY’ a polar-opposite experience - the ULTIMATE NO-BRAINER for coaches, consultants and change-makers - so that when you hear our price on your ‘booked call’, it’ll feel so good, it’ll look so jam-packed full of value and it’ll be so cost-effective and financially accessible, that it just makes sense and feels like the natural thing to do.

Why is your URL ?

That is a perceptive question - well spotted. The basic reason is that we at ClickMovements really like the ‘Business in a BOX’ idea… that coaches and consultants can purchase a Done For You digital business with everything pre-built and functioning - out of the box. So occasionally in our content you’ll see us describe ClickMovements DFY as a ‘business in a box’ product.

What about my 20 Free Leads ?

We’ll spend part of the call exploring your ideal client and then using the ClickMovements Leads software, we’ll find 20 leads live on the call. We’ll then show you how to nurture those new leads using ClickMovements automations. Whatever you decide, we’ll gift you the 20 leads :)

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